Intelligent Hamstring Stretching Device

How IHSD works

The architecture of the device has been carefully designed to provide patients with four mechanical degrees of freedom from hip joint to ankle. While performing the stretching, the device locks the stretched position. Now, It is able to hold the leg for a longer duration while the in-built sensor system collects valuable performance data to generate a quantified report at the end of each session.

How IHSD helps

The device can provide stretching of gastrocnemius, soleus, hamstring, adductor of hip and movements viz Flexion - Extension, Abduction - Adduction, Internal rotation - External rotation, Dorsi Flexion and Medial – Lateral Rotation. Moreover, it -

  • helps in prevention of hip, knee and ankle joint contracture following any neuromuscular disorder.
  • gives more freedom to the physiotherapist to easily lock the stretched position for desired duration.
  • customizes the upcoming sessions of a patient with the help of quantified data collected over previous sessions.

How IHSD looks

It's not all about the looks, but here, we have some pictures for you!
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